Western Civ Syllabi

[This is only the beginnings of a resource; for the time being, these are syllabi pulled off a google search, so as to form a basis of comparison. Later I will organize them by state, type of institution, and chronology.]

Rutgers, 2012,  Svanur Péturssson,* History of Western Civilization 1

Duke University, 2009, Robert Penner,* Intro to the History of Western Civilization: Europe and its Others

Dawson CC, 2003, Dr. Bryan E. Stone, Western Civilization to 1600

Meredith College, 1999, Prof. Steven Kreis, Western Civilization 1

Bloomsburg University of Pennsylvania, M. Hickey, Western Civilization to 1650

Idaho State University, 2007, J. B. Owens, The Foundation of Western Civilization

George Mason University, Prof. T. Mills Kelly, Western Civilization as We Know It

George Mason University, 2013, Ammon Shepherd, History of Western Civilization 

Cal State Northridge, 2011, Prof. Jeffrey Auerbach, Western Civilization since 1500

University of Chicago, 2011, Constantin Fasolt, History of European Civilization 1

Cornell University, 2014, Oren Falk, Introduction to Western Civilization (Part 1)

CUNY, LaGuardia Community College, Tracy E. Robey, Western Civilization 1

StraighterLine, Western Civilization 1

Columbia College, online template 2015, Western Civilization 1