Ancient History Resources

General Collections of Texts and Artifacts:

1. The Internet Classics Archive, from MIT.

2. THEOI, E-Texts Library. Collection of source from Archaic Greece to Late Rom

3. Articles on ancient history. Includes Rome,, Byzantium, Greece, Persia, Iran, Anatolia, and museums

4. The Metropolitan Museum of Art: Greek and Roman Art, Egyptian Art, and Ancient Near Eastern Art.

5. The British Museum: The collections highlights, from Google, and the Collection Online.

Ancient Egypt, Hittites, Anatolia

1. Egypt, from the Internet Ancient History Sourcebook, Paul Halsall.

2.  Çatalhöyük Living Archive, from Standford University

6. The Chicago Hittite Dictionary Project

Mesopotamia, Assyria, and Babylon

1. Mesopotamia, Internet Ancient History Sourcebook


1. Persia, the Internet Ancient History Sourcebook

2. Persepolis Fortification Archive Project, University of Chicago

3. Persepolis and Ancient Iran, Photographic Archives, University of Chicago


1. Internet Ancient History Sourcebook, Greece

2. Internet Ancient History Sourcebook, Hellenistic World

3. The British Museum: Ancient Greece

4. University of Calgary: Ancient Greece


1. Lacius Curtius: Gateway to Ancient Rome (University of Chicago)

2. ORBS: The Stanford Geospatial Network Model of the Roman World


1. Christian Origins, Internet Ancient History Sourcebook.