My Syllabi

Fall, 2016

–History 101 Western Civilization to 1715

–History 102 Western Civilization from 1715 to Present

Spring, 2016

–History 1060 Western Europe 2 (Modern Europe)

–History 101 Themes in World History

–History 200 Ancient World

–History 207 Medieval Europe

Blog and Wiki Project, adapted from Mark Sample, here and here, rubric from Joseph M. Adelman.

Fall, 2015

–History 1050 Western Europe 1 (Medieval Europe)

–History 101 Themes in World History

–History 273 Colonial Latin America

U.S. Military Academy at West Point:

–HI301 History of the Military Art to 1900

–HI302 History of the Military Art 1900 to present

–HI361 Medieval Europe, 2013 version

–HI361 Medieval Europe, 2015 version

–HI370 Ancient and Medieval Warfare, 2014 version

University of Rochester:

–HI100 Issues in World History to 1500, 2010 version

–HI101 Western Civilization 1, 2009 version

–HI391 The Hundred Years War, readings course 2010

Eastman School of Music:

–FWS 121 The Medieval Crusades, revised 2011 version

–FWS121 Henry V and the Battle of Agincourt

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