Medieval Seals from the PRO…

E40/5565, seal of Robert Morle, transfer of the advoweson of the church at Reydon to Edward III
E358-6, records for the Agincourt campaign














Seal of Master John de Stretle, Constable of Bordeaux, on his receipt for dispensing wages to Sir William de Monpaon and retinue, 1354







E42/261, Sir Sandwyk de la Tra’s receipt for service to Portugal, 1382.
E40/5836, John de Cobham grants manors to the king
E43/265, Amanevus de Fossato, receipt for service as banneret in Gascony, 1341.
E43/578, William de Beauchamp’s receipt for service in Portugal, 1381
E213/233, Bertrand, baron of Montferrand; receipt for his retinue, 1355.
E213/231, Sir John of Cheverston, Seneschal of Aquitaine’s mandate to Constable John de Stretle, to settle wages with John de St. John, 1354
E43/369, Henry Percy and Ralph Nevyll’s certificate for John de Stryvelyn’s service in 1341, in the Scottish March.

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