Crusades in the News

This is a collaborative, interactive timeline of news stories that feature the crusades, compiled by myself and other scholars who have been tracking these issues in the news.*  My original inspiration for collecting these stories was the “great crusades controversy” that commenced on February 5, 2015, and continued for about two weeks thereafter, with aftershocks that seem to have decreased in intensity from March 1. However, it soon became clear that a far more useful project would be one that tracked the mention of the crusades in the news over a far longer period of time. Hence “Crusades in the News” as a visual and temporal representation of how the crusades have been portrayed in contemporary society.

*The collaborative aspect is experimental, and I will be creating and updating a contributor list on a regular basis from now on.

Below are some of the key articles from the “Great Crusades Controversy” of February, 2015:

Bauerlein, Mark. “Un-Presidential Remarks.”

Boot, Max, Commentary“What Obama Should Have Said at the Prayer Breakfast.”

Bruenig, Elizabeth Stoker, New Republic, “Conservatives Have Stooped to Defending the Horrific Crusades.”

Fisher, Max. “Let’s be clear: The Obama Crusades controversy is over whether it’s okay to hate Muslims.”

DC Dispatches, Al Jazeera English. “Obama Crusade remarks spark firestorm of debate.”

Gabriele, Matthew. tweets on the topic.

Goldberg, Jonah, National Review“Horse Pucky from Obama.”

Holt, Andrew. “Crusades were a reaction to Islamic militarism”

Hussain, Murtaza. “Obama’s Christian Right Critics Agree with Islamic State.”

Ingraham, Christopher, WP“What Obama should have said about Islamist terrorism, the Crusades and religious violence.”

Jacoby, Susan, “The First Victims of the First Crusade.”

Madden, Thomas F., National Review“Getting Medieval: Let’s Leave the Middle Ages out of discussions of modern Islam.” 

Michaelson, Jay. “The Crusades Were Great, Actually!”

Michaelson, Jay. “Was Obama right about the Crusades and Islamic extremism?”

Norako, Leila K. “American Sniper: A 21st-Century Crusades Romance?”


Norako, Leila K.  “On Obama’s Crusades ‘Controversy’”

Obama, President Barack. “Remarks by the President at National Prayer Breakfast.”

Ortega, Tony. “America’s Most Prominent Muslim Says the Atlantic is Doing PR for ISIS.”

Perry, David. “Conservatives want to rewrite the history of the Crusades for modern political ends”

Perry, David. “Crusades and Memory,”

Perry, David.  “Crusades and Religion–Who Decides What is ‘True’ Crusading.”

Perry, David. “The Jews and the Crusades (New York Times): We are not perfect.”

Perry, David. “Six Arguments about Crusade and Memory”

Postrel, Virginia. “Why the Crusades Still Matter.”

Roberts, J. Stephen, “Obama’s Comments on the Crusades.”

Saunders, Fr. William P. “The Crusades.”

Shear, Michael D., NYT, “Obama, Trying to Add Context to Speech, Faces Backlash Over ‘Crusades.’”

Terry, John. “Why ISIS Isn’t Medieval.”

Warner, Bill. “Jihad vs Crusades.”

Warner, Bill. “The Jihad That Led to the Crusades.”

Wood, Graeme, “What ISIS Really Wants.”



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