Curriculum Vitae

Daniel P. Franke, Ph.D.



  • PhD, Medieval History, University of Rochester, 2014
  • MA, History, University of Rochester, 2008
  • BA magna cum laude, History, Rice University, 2005.
  • AA summa cum laude, History, Lower Columbia College, 2003.

Research Interests: Medieval and Early Modern Military, Social, and Cultural history, particularly England and Germany; History of the Crusades; Impacts and Transformations of Warfare; Network and Geo-Spatial Analysis.


  • 2015 – Present   Instructor at Marist College, Poughkeepsie and Mount Saint Mary College, Newburgh.
  • 2012 – 2015    Visiting Instructor/Assistant Professor, United States Military Academy at West Point.
  • 2009 – 2010    Instructor, Dean’s Dissertation/Teaching Fellowship, University of Rochester.
  • 2007 – 2011    Writing Instructor, Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester.


  • 2014 – 2015    Research Fellow, Network Science Center, United States Military Academy at West Point.
  • 2014                     Selected participant, NEH Workshop on Digital Methods for Military History.
  • 2014                     U. S. Army Achievement Medal for Civilian Service, USMA.
  • 2014                    Finalist for the Thayer Teaching Award, Department of History, USMA.
  • 2010                    Schallek Award, Medieval Academy of America.
  • 2010                    West Point Summer Seminar in Military History, Fellowship.
  • 2009 – 2010    Dean’s Dissertation/Teaching Fellowship, University of Rochester.
  • 2007                    William F. Harkins Jr. Prize, History Department, University of Rochester.
  • 2007                  Egon Berlin Prize, History Department, University of Rochester.
  • 2006                  Wilson Coates Book Award, History Department, University of Rochester.
  • 2005 – 2009    Robert and Mary Sproull Fellowship, University of Rochester.
  • 2005                 Charles Garside Jr. Prize, History Department Rice University.
  • 2005                Clifford Lefton Lawrence Award, History Department, Rice University.


Volumes and Monographs

  • Prowess, Piety, and Public Order in Medieval Society: Studies in Honor of Richard W. Kaeuper. Edited by Daniel P. Franke and Craig M. Nakashian. Under contract with Brill. Due in print, 2016.  ~A series of essays from leading medieval historians in honor of Professor Kaeuper’s career in medieval history.
  • East Anglia at War: the Ufford Earls of Suffolk and the Transformation of England, 1298-1382. Under negotiation with Boydell Press. Expected publication date 2017.  ~Applies social network analysis and actor-network theory to England’s near-continuous mobilization for war, and the impact of networks on the process of conflict.
  • Frederick Barbarossa: A Military Biography. Publication currently expected 2019.

Articles: In Progress

  • “Crusade, Empire, and the Muslim ‘Other’ in German Chronicles, 1189-1198.” Will be submitted to Crusades, Autumn 2015. ~Analyzes the presence and purpose of hegemonic discourse in Latin chronicles of the German crusade in Anatolia, as well as subsequent German engagement with the Muslim world.
  • “Of Arms and the Navy: the Phillipe and England’s Fourteenth-century RMA.” Will be submitted to the Journal of Medieval Military History, Autumn 2015. ~Translates a rare primary account of a galley’s armament and supply, and analyzes what this tells us concerning the state of England’s technological preparedness for war in 1337.
  • “Cavalry to 1500.” Solicited annotated bibliography for Oxford Bibliographies: Military History. Edited by Dennis Showalter. Due December 2015. ~Surveys global scholarship on pre-modern cavalry.
  • “Primary Sources in Medieval Military History.” Solicited chapter for Primary Sources in Military History. Edited by Brian R. Price. Due December 2015. ~Provides an overview of the state of the scholarship and major methodological issues surrounding the analysis and application of medieval source material to warfare.
  • “Recognizing Revolution: Thomas Bradwardine, Richard de Bury, and the Impact of Innovation on Human History.” Will be submitted to the Journal of Medieval History, Spring 2016. ~Assesses medieval European views on innovation and the utility of force through analysis of the philosopher-bureaucrats of Edward III’s court.
  • “England and the Jerusalem Crusade in the Fourteenth Century: The Enigma of Edward III.” Will be submitted to Viator, Summer 2016. ~Challenges prevailing ideas about the status of crusade in England by tackling the question of why the most popular English king never went on crusade.


  • “Prowess and Privilege: Robert Ufford, Earl of Suffolk, and the Reality of Chivalry in 14th-Century England.” In Prowess, Piety, and Public Order in Medieval Society: Studies in Honor of Richard W. Kaeuper. Edited by Daniel P. Franke and Craig M. Nakashian. Under contract with Brill. Due in print, 2016.
  • “Crusade, Empire, and the Process of War in Staufen Germany, 1180-1220.” In The Crusader World, edited by Adrian Boas. London: Routledge, 2015. Forthcoming.
  • “The Capture of Tifford.” In The Battle of Crécy: A Casebook. Edited by Michael Livingston and Kelly DeVries. Liverpool: Liverpool University Press, 2015, forthcoming.
  • “Brave, Strong, and Valiant: Military Recruitment and Service in Medieval England.” For History Compass, Wiley-Blackwell, 2015. Forthcoming.
  • “The Crusades and Medieval Anti-Judaism: Cause or Consequence?” In Seven Myths of the Crusades, ed. Alfred Andrea and Andrew Holt. Cambridge: Hackett Publishing, 2015. Forthcoming.
  • “War, Crisis, and East Anglia, 1334-1340: Towards a Reassessment.”  In The Hundred Years War III, edited by Donald Kagay and L. J. Andrew Villalon. Leiden: Brill, 2013.
  • The Oxford Encyclopedia of Medieval Warfare and Military Technology.  Edited by Clifford J. Rogers. New York and Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010.  Contributed the following articles: “Battle of Sarmin, 1115”; “Crusades: Narrative (1180-1245)”; “Crusades: Settlement”; “France: Historiography (1328-1483)”; “Germany: Historiography (911-1024)”; “Germany: Narrative (911-1024)”;  “Germany: Sources (911-1024)”;  “Henry I, King of the East Franks.”
  • “Chivalry.”  In Encyclopedia of Political Theory, three volumes, edited by Mark Bevir. SAGE Publications, 2010.
  • “Chivalry: An Annotated Bibliography for Teachers.”  The Once and Future Classroom, vol. 6, issue 1.  The Consortium for the Teaching of the Middle Ages (TEAMS), ed. Christine Neufeld.
  • Chivalry: The Knight and the Knightly Ethos.  Exhibit and pamphlet for the Robbins Library, University of Rochester, 2008.

Reviews, Selected

  • David Green’s The Hundred Years War: A People’s History (New Haven: Yale University Press, 2014), for H-War Book Reviews, in progress.
  • Gianluca Raccagni’s The Lombard League 1167-1225 (The British Academy/Oxford, 2010), for De Re Militari. Forthcoming.
  • Craig Taylor’s Chivalry and the Ideals of Knighthood in France during the Hundred Years War (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2013), for the Cahiers de Recherches Médiévales et Humanistes. Forthcoming.
  • Peter Hoskins’s In the Footsteps of the Black Prince: The Road to Poitiers, 1355-1356. (Woodbridge: Boydell, 2011), in The Journal of Military History, Vol. 75, no. 4 (October 2011), 1278-79.
  • Michael Prestwich’s Knight: The Medieval Warrior’s (Unofficial) Guide.  (London: Thames and Hundson, 2010), for De Re Militari, September 2010.
  • J. A. Villalon and D. Kagay’s The Hundred Years War (Part II) (Brill, 2008), for De Re Militari, September 2010.


Select Papers Presented

  • “Crafting the Perfect Army: Innovation and the Assizes of Arms in Plantagenet England.” International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2015.
  • “Why We Fight: Recreating the English Strategic Narrative during the later Hundred Years War.” The Eighty-Second Annual Meeting of the Society of Military History, Montgomery, Alabama, April 2015.
  • “A Medieval German ‘Way of War’?: The Case of Frederick Barbarossa.” International Medieval Congress, Leeds, United Kingdom, July 2014.
  • “Recognizing Revolution: Edward III, the Chroniclers, and the Roots of English Victory, 1345-1346.” The 2013 Military History Graduate Student Conference at The Ohio State University.
  • “The Road East: Crusade and Imperium in Staufer Germany, 1170-1200.”  International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2012.
  • “Defining Chivalry and the Nation: Guy of Warwick, the Smithfield Decretals, and the Hundred Years War.” Think Romance: the 32nd Annual Conference of the Center for Medieval Studies, Fordham University, March 31-April 1, 2012.
  • “‘That Bloody Strain’: (Re)Fashioning the Plantagenet Past in Edward III.” Northeast Modern Language Association Convention, St. John Fisher College, Rochester, New York, March 2012.
  • “Frederick Barbarossa as Military Commander: A Re-Evaluation.”  De Re Militari, International Medieval Congress, Leeds, United Kingdom, July 2011.
  • “England and the Crusade in the ‘Long’ Fourteenth Century: Lay Response and Impact.”  Paper for The Crusades, Islam and Byzantium: An Interdisciplinary Workshop and Conference, London, July 2011.
  • “Military Service and Special Commissions in fourteenth-century Norfolk.”  Law, Justice and Governance: New Views on Medieval Constitutionalism, University of Rochester, April 2009.
  • “‘Neve malum pro malo redderet’: Engaging the Turks in German Chronicles of the Third Crusade.” Global Encounters: Legacies of Exchange and Conflict (1000-1700), UNC Chapel Hill, November 2008.
  • “Papal Diplomacy and the Third Crusade: A Setback for Papal Power?”  Seventh Quadrennial Conference of the Society for the Study of the Crusades and the Latin East, Avignon, France, August 2008.
  • “Margery Kempe’s Germany: Contours of Pilgrimage, Prayer, and Politics.” Rochester Humanities Symposium, 2007.

Organizer, Chair, or Participant, selected

  • Organizer, “A Soldier for All Seasons: Remaking War and Warriors in Medieval and Modern Britain.” Eighty-second Annual Meeting of the Society for Military History, Montgomery, Alabama, April, 2015.
  • Moderator, “Studies in Honor of Richard W. Kaeuper II: Society and Public Order,” sponsored by the University of Rochester, at the International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2014.
  • Moderator, “Germany and the Crusading Movement,” Crusades Studies Forum, St. Louis University, at the International Medieval Congress, Kalamazoo, Michigan, May 2012.
  • Assistant organizer, “Failures, Losers, and Tragic Downfalls”: The Second Annual Graduate Conference at the University of Rochester, February 26, 2011.
  • Organizer, “Dissent and History”: The First Annual Graduate Conference at the University of Rochester, March 26-27, 2010.
  • Moderator, “Luther and Sixteenth-Century Protestantism: Power, Position, and Greed.”  Thirty-second Annual Conference of the German Studies Association, St. Paul, Minnesota, 2008.


  • High Proficiency:           German, Latin, Middle English
  • Reading Proficiency:      French, Middle High German, Old French
  • Basic Proficiency:           Italian
  • Paleography:                   English Court Hands, Gothic scripts, Papal and Imperial scripts


Main Teaching Competency:  Medieval History, with a particular focus on England, Germany, the Crusades, and Medieval Christianity; Early Modern Europe; Military History; Western Civilization and World Civilization surveys.

Secondary Teaching Competency: Pre-modern Women and Gender; Classical Islamic Civilization; the Atlantic World; Pre-modern Jewish History; Modern Europe; the World Wars.

Courses Taught

  • Marist College, 2015
    • History 101 Themes in World History (Reformation to Present)
    • History 273 Colonial Latin America
  • Mount Saint Mary College, 2015
    • History 1050 Western Europe 1 (Late Antiquity to the Renaissance)
  • United States Military Academy, 2012-2015
    • HI301 History of the Military Art 1900 – Present
    • HI302 History of the Military Art Antiquity – 1900
    • HI361 Medieval Europe
    • HI370 Ancient and Medieval Warfare
  • University of Rochester, 2007-2010
    • HIST 100  Ancient World (taught as World History 1)
    • HIST 101 Early Europe (taught as Western Civilization 1)
    • HIST 102 The West and World Since 1492.  Co-taught with Celia Applegate
    • HIST 281 The Hundred Years War, 1337-1453
    • HIST 391  Independent Study, Topics in Medieval History
    • WRT 105 Medieval Holy War: The Crusades, 1095-1453
    • WRT 105 The German Army in World War II: Campaigns, Crimes, and Cultural Memory
    • Teaching/Research Assistant, 2006-2008:
      • HIST 100  Medieval Europe, Fall 2006.  Richard Kaeuper
      • HIST 226  Hitler’s Germany, Spring 2006.  Celia Applegate
      • HIST 206  Holocaust, Spring 2007.  Celia Applegate
      • HIST 281  British History to 1485, Spring 2008.  Richard Kaeuper
      • Research Assistant to Richard Kaeuper, Holy Warriors (Philadelphia: University of Pennsylvania, 2009).
  • Eastman School of Music, 2007-2011
    • FWS 121 Medieval Holy War: The Crusades: 1095-1453
    • FWS 121 Famous Medieval Leaders: Saladin, Wallace, and Joan of Arc
    • FWS 121 Henry V and the Battle of Agincourt
  • State University of New York, College of Geneseo, 2008
    • INTD105 War Crimes and World War II.


  • Websites         
  • 2012-2015
    • West Point History of Warfare, iPad textbook: pilot course tester and evaluator, 2013.
    • HI301, Course director (summer), and assistant course director (fall): responsible for curriculum development and testing for the West Point History of Warfare.
    • HI361, Medieval Europe. Course director, new class, 2013, revised 2015.
    • HI370, Ancient and Medieval Warfare. Course director, new class, 2014.
    • Digital: “War and English Society: A Social Network Analysis,” in progress 2015.
    • Digital: “The Medieval World: Travel, Landscapes, and Networks.” Class project for HI361, Medieval Europe.
  • 2006 – 2008    The Camelot Project, University of Rochester: Contributor and editor, 2006-2008.


  • 2015-present   Mount Saint Mary College:
    • Learning Community Team Member, First Year Experience Program.
  • 2014-present   Member, editorial board, Journal of Medieval Military History
  • 2012-2015       United States Military Academy:
    • Network Science Center, Research Fellow, AY2014-15.
    • The Central Node blog, contributor.
    • High school outreach, project assistant.
    • Academic Research Council, Institute for Innovation and Development, Office of the Dean: Department representative, AY2012-13.
    • Assistant faculty advisor to the Wargames Club.
    • Honors thesis committees.
  • 2009-2012       University of Rochester:
    • Graduate History Society, founding member and organizer.
    • Graduate History Conference, founder and organizer.
    • Graduate member and advisor to the Medieval Society.
    • Academic advising, AY2009-10.
  • 2007 – 2011    Eastman School of Music:
    • Course Evaluation Committee, reviewing and revising assessment methods for FWS121.


Society for the Study of the Crusades and Latin East

De Re Militari: The Society for Medieval Military History

The Society for Military History

Medieval Academy of America

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