#RhodesMustFall : Some Resources

A few weeks ago, while covering 19th-century imperialism in my modern Europe course, my history sections perked up  when I asked them to use their electronic devices to go to Twitter and search “#RhodesMustFall” (I generally don’t outlaw electronic devices, phones excepted).  There was actually a spark of interest, as they realized that European imperialism of the 1880s wasn’t just something in a book but was still an active, debated subject today.

In any case, here are some leading articles on the topic, not precisely in chronological order. I may update this at a later date, especially for the British Empire:

Rhodes Must Fall: Twitter account of the University of Cape Town group.

Rhodes Must Fall Ox: Twitter account of the Oxford University group.

Joe Black, April 9, 2016: “I Am Glad Rhodes Fell.”

BBC, April 8, 2016; “Should Britain Be Ashamed of Its Colonial Past?”

Alistair Boone, April 6, 2016: “Making History, Not Erasing It.”

Marjan Bolesma, April 6, 2016: tweet of Dutch cartoon on Rhodes, from 1900.

Amia Srinivasan, March 31, 2016: Under Rhodes.

Rahul Rao, April 2, 2016: “On Statues.”

Candice Nembhard, April 7, 2016: “Education and Colour: The Importance of BME Student Communities.”

Brent Meersman, April 6, 2016: “Is UCT a safe space for art?”

Samira Ahmed, April 5, 2016: “The man who knew infinity: Difficult history & dreaming spires on film.”

London School of Economics, March 9, 2016: audio of lecture by Professor Sabelo Ndlovu-Gatsheni, “Rhodes Must Fall”: South African Universities as Sites of Struggle.

Rose, Left Voice, March 28, 2016: “Voices from the Rhodes Must Fall Campaign”

Joanna Williams, March 25, 2016: “Tantrums About History Don’t Help Education.”

Rossa Minogue, March 24, 2016: “Podcast of Ideas: Must Rhodes Fall?”

Jessica Elgot, March 9, 2016: ‘Take it down!’: Rhodes Must Fall campaign marches through Oxford.

Trevor Black, February 24, 2016: “Life Interrupted.”

Phil vine, April 2, 2016: New Zealand’s Statutes of Shame?

Mary Beard, December 20, 2106: “Cecil Rhodes and Oriel College, Oxford.”  And a follow-up from Independent on December 22.

Matthew Sweet et. al., Cecil Rhodes: A Bad Man in Africa

James Delingpole, December 23, 2015: “The Ugly True Story of #Rhodesmustfall: Oxford University’s Answer to #Blacklivesmatter”

James Delingpole, December 24, 2016: “Mud Huts V Western Civilization: Why #RhodesMustFall Must Fail.”

It’s also worth noting that a recent counter hashtag to #RhodesMustFall seems to be #ZumaMustFall, referring to Jacob Zuma, president of South Africa, who has been accused of corruption, which he denies.