Friday Round-Up of Things Medieval

It seems that the world is just brimming with medieval goodness today. Here are some of the things that have made my Friday extra-good (not that starting Spring Break wasn’t good enough…):

Medieval beds “on the road,” especially for knights, soldiers, and travelers. Outstanding post on a simple yet very important aspect of medieval travel and soldiering.

‘Justifying Women Writers,’ great post from the British Library’s “Medieval Manuscript Blog” on an anonymous poem by a woman (often thought to be Heloise, but that’s not certain), castigating men jealous of her skill with words. From March 16, first of a series.

A crucifix has been found in Denmark, dated to 900-950, and therefore older than the famous Jelling Stones, taken to be the first portrayal of the Crucifixion in Danish art.

Being socially awkward in the Middle Ages: Buzzfeed captures some outstanding images from medieval art.

Nifty timeline of the Holy Roman Empire, via History Today.

Great story about an experiential summer course from U Missouri Kansas City, in which students have the opportunity to experience monastic life.

Truly awesome post about the medieval Book of Hours, its function, purpose, popularity, and extreme value in taking us into the minds and emotions of medieval folk, especially women.