Militarized Universities

Yesterday this article from Vice was being circulated around, “The Most Militarized Universities in America.” Both this piece, and its companion study, which apparently sets out in more detail the methodology and some examples, is causing a great deal of head-scratching in many quarters.

I include myself in that category. While I don’t have time to take my preferred methodical approach to the topic, I have to say the rationale for creating a category, populating it, and then claiming it shows…something…isn’t very clear. Vice claims that

“The 100 schools named in these rankings produce the greatest number of students who are employed by the Intelligence Community (IC), have the closest relationships with the national security state, and profit the most from American war-waging.”

I’m still reading it, and will be poking at the categories and methodology from time to time, but this sounds like a non-event to me.

D_burr’s comment on the “investigation” article kind of sums up the situation:

“What does this even mean. What am i supposed to decipher from this? If i went to Stanford what do these statistics indicate? I’ve been to nearly half the campuses listed and they all just felt like schools. I don’t get it.”


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  1. There was a much better analysis of what they seem to care about back in the 2000s called fiatpax that looked at how the boards of directors of universities were interlocking with directors of military-industrial corporations, but the site was not retained and disappeared. Even the WayBack Machine versions don’t exist any more (it used to be! (conspiracy theorists are welcome to that one!)

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