Wednesday Workshop: 5 Resources to Spice up your World History Syllabus

hello-i39m-morgan-freeman-and-i-approve-of-this-world-history-class-meme-11908Here are some good, but not necessarily easy to find, resources that have helped me add some “pop” to my World and Medieval syllabi:

Carleton College, Medieval and Renaissance Studies Primary Sources. Great stuff, and longer selections, which make more sense than dozens of 1-paragraph readings (though those are useful too).

“Chinese Culture,” the richly detailed syllabus and course resources for Paul Halsall’s 1996-9 course at Brooklyn College. Thanks for keeping this page up!

A resource everyone knows about, but that seems to be constantly underestimated: The Avalon Project at Yale. Any project that has digitized a huge chunk of the Nuremberg War Crimes Trial papers should receive accolades.

Donald J. Mabry’s Historical Text Archives, which aren’t always easy to navigate, but which have a lot of very useful, otherwise obscure sources and historical essays.

And, last but definitely not least, Europeana 1914-1918. This is a superbly designed site where you can search or browse for a bewildering variety sources and materials on the First World War.   You’re welcome. Happy browsing.