Civil War: “The South’s Secession Commemoration”, courtesy of The Daily Show

I don’t usually watch The Daily Show.  Nothing personal, but I’m usually busy when it airs, and unless it’s football I don’t drop what I’m doing to watch TV.   But I’m glad I did in this instance, as there was a really great segment on celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the Civil War, preparations for which are under way in many places.  And in many parts of “The South” (the monolithic South, that is, as opposed to a rather diverse contemporary South) that includes a hefty dose of revisionist, Lost Cause-promoting events–and ads by the Sons of Confederate Veterans.  Ridiculous.  I used to study the Civil War in every spare moment, and used to be quite sympathetic to the “Lost Cause,” Gone With The Wind version of that time.  Haven’t been for good while now, partly through continued study, partly through a closer and more direct exposure to those Southerners who “believe,” partly through an abandonment of that part of conservative Protestantism that still embraces southern theologians such as R. L. Dabny, et. al.   And the ongoing campaign to promote/revive this fallacious version of history really, really gets under my skin, both personally and professionally, in a way that few things do.

So, I applaud Stewart and Wilmore for their fantastic critique of what is going to be a historical disaster next year–the 150th anniversary of the start of the Civil War.  Way to go, guys.

To be continued…

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