Articles on the Fall [ah, “End,” cough cough] of the Roman Empire

Who doesn’t have some vague interest or fascination with the fall of the Roman Empire?  I know I do…I love the arguments, and the passionate defenses staged with spotty evidence by desperate scholars (this from a medievalist, I know!). has put together a page with all the “end of the Roman Empire” articles they’ve posted over the months.  I think the one I want to read first is Peter Heather’s “Why did the Barbarians Cross the Rhine?”–which just promises to be a good time!  Truth be told, I tend to land more on Heather’s side of the argument than Professor B. Bachrach’s equally well-formed arguments that the Western Empire did not actually “fall.”  There’s something compelling about Dr. Heather’s chronology, however much one might allow the continuation of Roman practices and modes of thought well into the “early Middle Ages.”  Anyway, there are plenty of good articles here.