From Introducing “Historvius”, the historic sites database just posted a story about a new site, dedicated to providing a searchable database of historic sites from around the world.  It’s called Historvius, and was founded by Mike Lewis, who explains the layout and function of the site on the page.   I just spent a few minutes checking out the entries under the historical period “crusades”, and it returned 17 hits so far, including Arsuf, the Krak de Chevaliers, St. George’s Castle near Lisbon, and various Hospitaller sites.  Not bad, and it is designed to grow more-or-less organically.  The details seem generally accurate, though occasionally the categories under which a site is placed strike me as a little odd.  Most important, I think, besides the basic information, is the truly impressive travel information provided in the right-hand column.  I will be using this in the future, I’m sure.

On that thought, I just searched another category, “Hundred Years War.”  So far, only three hits, one of them Agincourt.  I’m sure I and a bunch of others can expand the number of sites listed, in short order!!

Anyway, enjoy this site–it looks pretty fabulous.  And thanks once again to for a never-ending supply of internet goodness!