The sad state of New Jersey’s Passaic River

Yesterday, NPR’s Art Silverman had a fascinating, depressing, and nostalgic story about the Passaic River in northern Jersey–familiar for one reason or aother to those of us who are from the Garden State.  Can’t say I’m surprised that the last 17 miles of the river are the worst kind of toxic dump.  This is Jersey, after all.  On the other hand, it’s interesting to read about when and where the river changes, and how it changed, how Paterson became the town with the reputation it has.  Heck, even Abbott and Costello made fun of Paterson on multiple occasions (one of which is available in an audio link in the story).  Trying to clean up the river raises more environmental problems than just letting sleeping poisons lie, apparently…And yet, there are still many nice spots in New Jersey, I can assure you!  Honest truth.  The southern Passaic just isn’t one of them.