Surprise! “Essay Mills” aren’t worth the money…

Saw this the other day, I think via a friend’s feed.  No suprise here: all those “buy a ready-made essay” sites are worthless, as they’re horribly written and wouldn’t pass muster even if the prof thought it was your own work…  Having done some recent Google searches on “chivalry bibliographies”, and turned up a surprising number of these horrible little cheating essay sites, I can fully agree with this article.  For example, search for pre-made essays dealing with Lancelot, or even better, Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, and see if they make sense to you!!!

2 Replies to “Surprise! “Essay Mills” aren’t worth the money…”

  1. Dude, the “critical analysis” of the Battle of Maldon that a couple of my students downloaded from was the one that referenced Martin Luther King Jr as an exemplar for the Anglo-Saxons in their “disagreements” with the Vikings!

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