Paleography resources, and a few digital medieval projects

I found this a little while back, and while I already have several good sites for paleography (included here), these look really good as well: Intute’s search results for paleography.  I still say, though, that the best paleography tool for English documents is the tutorial section from the University of Houston’s Anglo-American Legal Tradition page, in the right-hand column.

There are also a few digital projects listed here which deserve special mention (these won’t be new to my English lit friends, but a good project can always use another round of publicity…):  The Piers Plowman Electronic Archive, hosted at the University of Virginia, The Vernon Manuscript Project at the University of Birmingham, The Auchinleck Manuscript at the National Library of Scotland (this one isn’t in the Intute list), and finally the University of Lethbridge’s Digital Medievalist project.  All great sites, and definitely worth repeated visits.

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