Update to the Bellisiles and CHE story

Well, this is in some ways better than I was expecting, to be honest. The conclusion of the Chronicle of Higher Education, regarding its investigation into Michael Bellisiles’ column of June 27, is that the student cited there provided misleading or otherwise unverifiable information. If you go to the column on the CHE, you’ll find an addendum to the column explaining the situation in more detail. Thanks to the History News Network’s blog for tipping me off to this news.

One Reply to “Update to the Bellisiles and CHE story”

  1. Many thanks for updating this. Like you, I was underwhelmed with the initial story. I mean, really – as a second-year grad student I was dealing with teaching about antiwar protests in the 1960s while serving as a TA for a course on social protest from 1945-1975. That wasn’t strictly military history, I’ll grant it, but this war’s been going on awhile – I know many students who have been touched by it in very direct and indirect ways, even at a place like my school, which tends to run on the more “elite” side of things.

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