Paul the Octopus: 100% success rate at the World Cup

So, there it is.  Spain preserved some sense of finesse and style while being literally pummeled by Orange shirts for roughly 120 minutes–tripped, shoved in the back, kicked in the chest, and occasionally sandwiched and thrown to the ground.   And eventually, surprise surprise, the Orange squad was down to 10, and the European Champions could hardly be expected not to capitalize on their opponents’ shaky position.  1-0 Spain.  Congratulations.

This means that Paul the Octopus has a 100% success rate in calling this World Cup’s matches.  Wow.  That surely can’t be an accident.  Though, as the Telegraph reports, some folks are angry with the poor fellow.  Apparently he’s a big hit in Great Britain, despite calling against their team.  I hear, though, that octopus, properly prepared, is a tasty dish…Just kidding.  Long life to the world’s coolest crustacean!