The Church of the East; the Nestorian Church of Late Antiquity and the Middle Ages

I knew next to nothing about the Christian Church in Asia during the Late Antique and Medieval periods (well, I still don’t), but after teaching World History 1 this past spring semester, I became well aware that there was such a church, that they were Nestorians, and that there were major (and even prominent) Christian communities scattered throughout Persia, Central Asia, and parts of India and China during the medieval period.  And I’ve turned up information (ok, I was looking at some Wikipedia pages, and followed the usually excellent links at the bottom of the page)…I turned up some studies by a chap who is an expert in this area, Dr. Mark Dickens.  He teaches and researches at the University of London’s School of Oriental and African Studies, and received his PhD from Cambridge, and has an excellent website, called Oxus Communications, with an enormous amount of info regarding Christian churches in Asia for the interested reader.  Especially worth reading is his article “The Church of the East.” A fascinating and too-little-known part of medieval and church world history.