Assessments of President Obama’s reactions to the oil spill; AirLand Battle, and Warrior Transition Units

A couple of reposts here…I don’t normally tend to go political, but these two articles seemed, to me, to be worthy of being spread around, for better (or worse).  First, Brent Budowsky’s assessment of the President’s speech the other night.  And second, my friend Matt’s post regarding the same issue, with a link to Eugene Robinson’s column in the Washington Post.  Please note, I don’t pretend to any expertise on the issues, but SINCE these things are often argued by folks with an equal number of letters after their names, I’ve given up on trying to see my own way clear, and gone with whatever seems to make some sense to me.   And it seems to me that there are some words of wisdom here.

And, just to continue this trend of posting politically-oriented items with some trepidation, pay some attention, again, to Thomas Ricks’ blog “The Best Defense” on Foreign Policy.  I’m not sure I agree with Brian Lynn’s assessment of the AirLand generation, though I take his opinion under advisement…  And at first glance, I’m somewhat disturbed at Noel Koch’s piece on the “warrior transition units.”  But, again, I’ll take any informed opinion under advisement…

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