Of oil slicks, Kennedy airport, and officers refusing promotion

I promise I’ll be typing up reports on the West Point seminar soon.  It’s a bit of a meat-grinder of a program…and today we get to analyze Clausewitz…my favorite, yum yum.  I’m half-joking.  Re-reading On War after some years, I find it much less of a drag than I did when I was a teenager, but I’m still not sure what to make of this phenomenon.

In the mean time, here is an article from The New York Times on the Coast Guard’s assessment of the oil slick cleanup, as well as an interactive map.  Also, an article on those two chaps who apparently were off to join an extremist group in Somalia, but were arrested in Kennedy airport.  Good for the FBI…

On a different topic, there’s an article and a note from Thomas E. Ricks over at Foreign Policy which suggests that there’s a developing trend of officers refusing promotions, mostly of battalion-level command or higher.  I’m not sure whether to think this a big magilla, but it’s interesting.

New blog added to the roll, too, courtesy of a friend’s post calling it to my attention…”You Are Not So Smart.”  Looks interesting, and humorous, but with a point to it.

Ok, off to finish reading, go for a run, and get ready for the day.