“Theory, Literature, and Hoax” (from The NYT)

A friend of mine posted this link today, and the article’s just too good not to repost and pass around to as many folk as possible.  I’m enthralled with Rebecca Goldstein’s prose…and am more than a little sympathetic to her underlying point, and verbal jabs (as anyone who knows me can attest).  Truth to tell, I’ve become reconciled to some uses and manifestations of theory of late, though I’ve been drawn more to anthropological than literary theory.  The more one consults the original documents, however, or so I’ve found, the less one is concerned with theory.  Theory comes afterward, and is a very a posteriori proposition.  Of that much I am convinced.  BUT, don’t listen to me, read this delightful article for yourself…In style, reminds me of some of  jocular ramblings of my brother’s literary alter-ego…

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