Round up of random military news…

So, here’s a bunch of articles, of varying levels of interest I guess, posted within the last few days regarding military affairs.  I lead off with an article posted very recently by friend Andrew, on this chap who lost over 100 pounds so he could join the USMC!  Just leaves one marveling, in a good way.  On the topic of losing weight, the military has apparently decided to take on the growing obesity problem in the U.S. (I’ve seen this article around…except, now that I look at it, all other postings seem to go back to this one article in Arab News).  Anyone else know more about this?

Next, here’s a brief piece on how the military is actually doing more than anyone else in the country to develop alternate fuel sources. Not exactly what I expected to read, quite honestly, but heartening.

On a somewhat disheartening note, military healthcare apparently consumes 10% of the military’s budget, and now folks in Congress are apparently saying that, well darn, we’re going to have to cut the budget, etc. (probably so these new programs can run).  And apparently recent studies suggest that vets face dimmer job prospects than other folks on the market, because employers don’t want to deal with potential side-effects of combat-zone duty.  Not good.

Finally, for those interested in R&D projects, this website on army technology and industry projects looks pretty interesting.  Keep up to date on the latest modifications to the AH-64 and so on…

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