Robin Hood in the news!!

Well, the Ridley Scott-Russell Crowe-Cate Blanchett extravaganza will hit theaters on May 14th–right at the height of the Kalamazoo medieval conference, incidentally–and I plan on getting tickets to the midnight showing.  Oh yeah, I’m a dork.  Whatever.  I’m looking forward to entertainment, with some historical touches, and a lot more inaccuracies and “modifications.”  It won’t mar my enjoyment of the film…I think.  I tend to be more easy-going than many of my friends and acquaintances in that regard.  Anyway

There’s an awful lot of stuff about the film floating around on the web right now, from a really interesting (and long) article by Stephen Moss from the Guardian, to an article in the University of Cincinnati’s student newspaper, to a shorter article with extensive quotes from a The Times interview with Scott and Crowe.  Finally, on Tuesday, May 11th, at 8 p.m., there will be a 2-hour “documentary” called “The Real Robin Hood,” which is apparently Scott’s attempt to deal with the scholarly aspect of the project.  Props to him for taking time to deal with a subject which is a bonafied academic research topic, but while I’m sure I’ll enjoy the film, I’m less confident about this one…

At least my friends won’t run out of things to talk about in the near future!!!